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The Theatrical Camp Group (Minus Dio and Mr. Puck

Theatrical Camp is a separate group of performers who have their own company, similar to Kaleido Stage. Unlike the Kaleido Stage cast, they mostly travel around and perform the way they'd like to perform, not following the same style of rehearsing Kaleido Stage has. In all, there are seven members of this group and they have a strong bond with each other, almost as strong as a family's bond is. Sora first met them when she was invited to perform with them shortly after her first major part in Arabian Nights and they make appearances during both season finales, watching Sora perform the Legendary Great Maneuver and then Swan Lake.

Members of Theatrical Camp[]

Mr. Puck[]

Theatrical Camp's founder and leader, he's known for juggling swords. He's the first person of the group Sora meets (being the one who invited her to perform with them).


An ex-performer of Kaleido Stage, not being able to cope with the way they do things. She seems like she was most like Sora when she first joined. While she is a bit stubborn at times, Pamela and Sora are good friends and they both specialize on the trapeze.


A whip user, as well as a good friend to Sora after meeting her, Dio uses his whip during shows (mostly striking roses and sending the petals flying). Dio is the only character who separately left the group to help Sora during the second half of season one. He was invited by Mia to perform with their new company, Freedom Lights. He surprisingly appears using his famous whip striking a rose in Sora's hand while she's performing, saying he had some free time and joined them for their time at Marine Park. He strangely vanishes after the Marine Park deal was broken. He is seen with the other cast members of Theatrical Camp performing on-stage with Sora at the final episode of Season 2.

Milo and Mila[]

Two twin children.


The only member of the group who is a different race and acts like a mother to Milo, Mila, and her baby.


The strongest member of the group, Tank is known for juggling barrels over his head.

Performances Throughout the Series[]

  • The Princess and the Witch - Co-starring Sora
  • Swan Lake - Suddenly came onstage to perform while watching Sora's Angel's Maneuver

Theatrical Camp Gallery[]