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The Legendary Great Maneuver (幻の大技) is an extremely dangerous and famous performance that has caused the death of many performers. Only those who can see the spirit known as Fool know what the maneuver actually is. Fool will not tell what the maneuver is unless the performer(s) are ready to perform it. Just hearing what the maneuver entails before being ready will result in the performer becoming overexcited and train harder only to result in death. The Maneuver was successfully performed once long ago and since then has resulted in many deaths, however recently the team of Sora Naegino and Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Stage were able to successfully perform the Maneuver and survive.

Maneuver Details

The maneuver details are kept secret by Fool until he decides that the performer is ready for it. The actual details of the maneuver are kept secret, even from the viewers, since Sora and Layla are the only ones to hear it in the series. But judging from what happens during Sora and Layla's performance, the two swing from twin trapeze placed directly in front of the other. They then leap out and push one hand against each other's hand and push back to their trapeze safely.

Sora and Layla performing The Legendary Great Maneuver

During Sora and Layla's performance, while their hands are together, the two were seen gliding freely around the air as if they were performing on air. Fool says during their performance  "An absolute faith in life, so complete that it knows no fear, that is the Legendary Great Maneuver."


  • When Sora and Layla severed their link with each other to end the maneuver, the force struck Layla's already injured shoulder severely and caused her to retire from Kaleido Stage after the final episode of the first season.
  • The performance has caused a large number of deaths, one of which was Yuri Killian's father.
  • It seems that the only person who knows what the maneuver entails despite not performing it is is Kalos Eido.
  • There is a rumor that the maneuver is more successful if both partners weigh the same, which led Layla to force herself into a diet to try and match Sora's weight and which eventually led her to injure her shoulder.
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