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Sora performing the maneuver at Kaleido Stage

The Angel's Maneuver is a maneuver that is performed with two people. The only known performers to attempt to perform this maneuver are Leon Oswald, Sophie Oswald, Yuri Killian, Layla Hamilton, Mute, Alice, and Sora Naegino. Out of them, the only two to successfully perform the maneuver as a team are Sora Naegino and Leon Oswald.

Maneuver Details

One performer launches himself/herself into the air off their partner and poses as an angel in the air. Their partner catches them as they descend back down. When Sora performed it, it lasted longer as she added additional performances before Leon caught her.

A Sora's angel.gif
Sora transforming during the Angel's Maneuver at sunrise


  • The maneuver is said to be best performed when an "angel" performer (Sora) does it with a "devil" performer (Layla). This was told to Sora by Yuri after he rejoined the Kaleido Star cast the following episode.
  • Because many have attempted it and failed, it is nicknamed as "The Fool's Maneuver" due to its difficulty.
  • The maneuver is said to be able to unite hearts of both audience and performers alike, which is true when Sora performs it as she somehow causes her fellow performers to rush on stage and perform with her.
  • For more of an "angelic" effect, Mia planned the show's opening performance to take place before sunrise. When the sun finally rose, the wall behind Sora opened and the light reflecting off Sora's outfit shined like she was a true angel.
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