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Julie (ジュリー) is a minor character in Kaleido star anime.

Julie is a performer of Kaleido Stage who hated Sora since the moment she joined Kaleido Stage.


Julie has short blue hair in a ponytail. She is almost never seen without Charlotte by her side.

Season one[]

Charlotte always talks about how they should have been chosen for something that Sora got Julie always adds that if she did this or that, she would be perfect at it.. She is a fan of Layla Hamilton and seems to be fond of Rosetta Passel. She and Charlotte seem to have their hate for Sora up longer than anyone Sora has had direct contact with. She stayed at Kaleido Stage after Yuri took over, starting to regret her decision as the audience kept growing smaller and how Sora's group was getting a lot more attention with the addition of Layla to their group, until he fired her. After that, she joined Sora and Layla in training at the Grand Canyon for the Legendary Great Maneuver with much respect for Sora's hard work and determination.

Season two[]

In New Wings, when Sora sees her again in New York, she has become Layla's personal assistant and she now treats Sora as her friend. At first, she wasn't sure what to make of May or how she behaved when meeting her for the first time.

Julie gallery[]

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