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Layla performing the Golden Phoenix

The Golden Phoenix is a complicated maneuver and Layla Hamilton's special maneuver. So far, only Sora Naegino and Layla Hamilton have been known to perform the maneuver.

Maneuver Details[]

The performer uses a special trapeze that allows the performer to rotate their body at high speeds and then launch off it. They pose magnificently in the air, like a phoenix, and then catch the opposite bar with their hands.


  • When Sora attempted Layla's maneuver, she managed to succeed at all parts except for catching the bar at the end.
  • Layla and Yuri performed this maneuver at the Circus Festival and won.
  • This maneuver was used in Kaleido Stage's production of Romeo and Juliet when Layla and Yuri performed it. When May and Leon performed in their comeback show also named Romeo and Juliet, May and Leon performed the Demon Spiral instead.
  • In her production of Legend of the Pheonix Sora uses this maneuver for the climax.