Dio (Dio) is a friend of Sora from a Mysterious circus.

Little is known about Dio, But he is very good with his whip.

Trivia Edit

Dio is based on a real Japanese circus performer called Dio Kobayashi who also used a whip.

Dio Kobayashi

The real Dio

Dio participated in the production of the anime series Kaleido Star as a special adviser in 2002. Junichi Sato (supervisor of Sailor Moon and Ojamajo Doremi) wrote a letter to Dio asking him to participate in Kaleido Star. Dio agreed, and production was approved, making the TV animation possible. Moreover, this was the first time in which Dio took charge of being a special adviser to an animated series.

Dio said, "I am more of an Introducer than an adviser. A character in the series was also named Dio in his honor.

Season one Edit

He first appears when Sora and Ken comes to a Mysterious circus. He is later seen performing in Marine park.

New wings Edit

He comes to see Swan Lake in the final episode of the series.

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