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May Wong performing the Demon Spiral with her injured shoulder

The Demon Spiral is a maneuver created by May Wong. She developed the maneuver while watching one of her siblings at the park after Leon caused her to sprain her shoulder.

May holds onto the bar with one arm while keeping the other tucked in (she could perform it with both hands holding the bar once her shoulder healed). She then launches off after shouting "Demon Spiral!" towards her partner. Her body spins around at incredible speed making her a blur. Her partner catches her arm with one hand. May only performed this maneuver when she was partnered with Leon Oswald.

  • The maneuver led to May and Leon's victory at the Circus Festival.
  • Sora could not do the demon spiral she never tried. May created the demon spiral then Leon liked it that's why she was picked to be his partner.
  • The only Kaleido Stage performance to feature the maneuver was May and Leon's version of Romeo and Juliet.