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Cathy Taymor (キャシー ティモア) is a woman who works on Broadway.


Cathy is tall. Her hair is red cut into an asymmetrical bob alongside with green eyes.


Cathy seems to be a hot headed woman who is rather annoyed by "rich girls" like Layla and always tries to motivate everyone around her. But she really is a great person when you really get to know her and seems to be Layla's new partner while on Broadway.

New wings[]

Sora and Cathy first meet when Layla invites Sora to perform on Broadway with her in Salome in Vegas. While Cathy sees Sora as a wonderful and entertaining performer, she sees May in a lesser light as someone who can't really entertain her. And when she was partnered with Leon, Cathy is upset that there seems to be no kind of emotion between them in their comeback show. When Cathy joins Layla in coming to Kaleido Stage, she becomes a partner for Mia and always tries to encourage Mia's creative mind. It was actually through Cathy's aide that Mia planned how to fit the Angel's Maneuver Maneuver into Swan Lake.

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